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Sport Stats Center

Sport Stats Center is a sports leagues management web site. Subscribing leagues can create their players, teams, calendar and tournaments. They can display, among other things, news, players pictures and rules. Leagues enter their matches results themselves and the website does statistical compilation, thus generating team ranking. All statistical tables can be sorted per columns, The site uses "print" type CSS, allowing to easily print statistical tables.

Currently, the web site only supports Baseball and Hockey. Upcoming, the "generic" mode allowing full operations except for sports specific statistics.

JQuery Binary Tree plugin

This plugin allows you to, with just one call, rearrange your divs in a binary tree. Lines will even be drawn to link them properly. You can configure horizontal spacing, vertical spacing, branch color, branch stroke, divs border width and orientation (vertical or horizontal). Wz_jsgraphics is required.

This plugin is usefull to display sports series tree or genealogy trees.


The Canadian Tumour Repository Network (CTRNet) is a translational cancer research resource, funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research, that furthers Canadian health research by linking cancer researchers with provincial tumour banks.

ATiM is software designed and developed by CTRNet in conjunction with Canadian tissue banks for the operation of tissue banks. CTRNet’s tissue bank management software is released for free non-commercial use under a General Public License.

My task is divided in two. First, I'm responsible of ATiM core development as well as all tools related. Second, I meet with research centers willing to install ATiM to analyse their needs and customize the application accordingly. I also help in migrating their data from their old system to ATiM.

Voice recognition tool for phone conversations

Integration of a phone conversations archiving and voice recognition system. Development/installation of a tool to spot and search conversations with key words. The voice recognition system has been developed by the CRIM.

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